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The meeting place and a community for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation. Bringing together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals, and tech pioneers to set the digital agenda.

It has set the standard as the place for business minds to learn and inspire, build connections, and for ideas to become actions.


DMEXCO is where tomorrow’s digital business happens today.

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41,000 Visitors.

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84% of visitors are decision makers with purchasing power.


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40% of visitors are brands with interest in digital technology and future topics.

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46% of executive decision makers made purchase decisions while attending the show.

We know the show and know the people having worked with brands at DMEXCO.

And collaborate with you to deliver the powerful, relevant and memorable experiences you need to make your impact.

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Conceptually ambitious creative and impeccable execution tell your brand story. The goal is to build a narrative the delegates connect with on a personal, emotional level.

Our unique approach is like nothing you have seen before. We have been reimagining the tradeshow experience. We create unforgettable spaces that bring brands to life.

We take delegates on a journey that speaks to them in their own language, making a meaningful connection that results in trackable, actionable data.





Sophisticated, contemporary & simply award-winning

design excellence that produces results.

Brand: tripleLift


Location: Cologne

Venue: Koelnmesse

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Execute an environment that is on-brand whilst having personality and position tripleLift as the company to partner with.

Create a client and prospect retreat for people to relax and recharge from the DMEXCO storm around them, subtle touches reflecting the recent mountain lodge campaign.

To exude tiplelift’s cutting-edge technology offering in an open space but also controlling footfall through design features.

We listened carefully and looked at the heritage and culture of triplelift with new brand guidelines and marketing collateral.


TripleLift was named one of Crain’s New York Business’s Best Places to Working in NYC and had appeared on the inc. 500 multiple times. This was been a key factor when analysing their brand personality.

Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 14.54.35.png
Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 14.54.56.png


We created a client and prospect retreat reflecting triplelift's personality of people first and inclusivity.

The open plan sophisticated connected lounge environment with hospitality island allowed people to feel relaxed yet catered for throughout their time within the space.

Unique touches of creativity throughout reflected the growing New York cutting-edge technology company they are, on-brand cushions and a large digital screen helped achieve this.


Back to back meetings booked mixed with footfall walking into the environment after engaging with key messaging on the digital screen.

A videographer shot pre-agreed footage on the first morning, this was then cut and edited within a couple of hours and released on all marketing channels to push awareness and drive footfall.

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Turn an introduction into an experience.

Thanks! Message sent.

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