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Hybrid Events

After the cancellation of events in 2020 and travel restrictions in 2021 people are now looking to resonate and engage with attendees, no matter where they are. 

Virtual events may have been the product of the year in 2020, but the consensus is that hybrid events are here to stay. In a recent survey of 20,000+ brand marketers, 78 percent agree that in-person events will pivot to hybrid models. Marketers are entering a hybrid future where in-person and virtual events will co-exist, below is why you need to add hybrid events to your marketing mix.

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78% of marketers agree that in-person events will pivot to a hybrid model.

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58% of marketers think that they need to rethink current events strategy in a new way to ensure that it is successful and meets business goals.

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46% of marketeers say that online only events do not provide the same networking opportunities as in-person events.

Traditionally, hybrid events have been livestreams with a splash of audience interaction enough to ward off complaints, but not enough to keep them coming back as customers. But in the last year, we’ve seen hybrid events evolve into immersive, multi-faceted experiences where attendees can connect with sponsors, hosts, other attendees, whether they’re in the front row or in their front room.

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Source: Integrate: The State of Events New research into events’ next chapter

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Source: Integrate: The State of Events New research into events’ next chapter

From interactive features to sponsor engagement, hybrid event experiences are designed to create engagement that’s present and resonates—regardless of where people are watching.

Are you considering hybrid events?

Hybrid events enable you to bring virtual experiences to life.

As we enter into a new normal, they provide immersive experiences that are accessible to everyone, all across the world. 

Bring the event to your key customers and target prospects at home, whilst still providing a memorable experience to entice your clients that are able to travel. Not all experiences can be replicated in a vitual setting, that's why going hybrid provides your customers with the flexibility to choose based on what they are most comfortable with. 

Please reach out to start the conversation with our team on how best to approach hybrid events.


Turn an introduction into an experience.
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