1,2,3 - 1 MILLION


We were approached by EURO RSCG one of the largest integrated marketing communications agencies in the world to assist creatively and deliver the Santander 1,2,3 campaign. 

The challenge was to create a platform that felt accessible, transparent & friendly, whilst also changing public perceptions that existed at the time.


Through extensive research, the campaign put the everyday bank account user at the centre of a personal experiential activation that toured the UK.

A technology-led cube design, which also enabled wireless live interactions with passing footfall, became the platform to amplify the possible savings and rewards people could experience with a 1,2,3 current account.


Putting the audience at the centre of a deeply personal financial experience resulted in an increase in account applications by more than 50% in most locations. The campaign was featured in the main television advertising campaign and succeeded in moving the audience's minds and perception, by connecting them with the brand through a deeply personal experience.