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MWC continues to offer thought-provoking content and foster world-class networking opportunities for senior-level attendees. Senior management (Director-level and higher) attendance was 59%, matching the percentage of senior management attendees in 2018. In 2019, 7,900 CEOs attended MWC, an increase of 2,000 from the previous year. 

The quality of attendees continues to maintain excellent levels year over year, your target audience will need to connect and resonate with your brands environment quickly through key messaging giving benefits that create intrigue.

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109,000 visitors

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59% of c-level or president level within their organisations.

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7,900 of visitors CEO’s

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198 countries and territories sharing the same platform together

We know the show and know the people having worked with brands at MWC.

And collaborate with you to deliver the powerful, relevant and memorable experiences you need to make your impact.

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Conceptually ambitious creative and impeccable execution tell your brand story. The goal is to build a narrative the delegates connect with on a personal, emotional level.

Our unique approach is like nothing you have seen before. We have been reimagining the tradeshow experience. We create unforgettable spaces that bring brands to life.

We take delegates on a journey that speaks to them in their own language, making a meaningful connection that results in trackable, actionable data.





Sophisticated, contemporary

& simply award-winning

design excellence that produces results.

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