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Bringing partners together to connect, collaborate and learn is vital when growing business communities. Creating this ecosystem that places your brand and event at the heart of it maximises engagement and brand positioning.

Virtual conferences are built to engage audiences from all over the world within one virtual venue as well as enabling exhibitors to interact with delegates to network through live interaction tools. 

Our platform allows for individual exhibitors to choose tiered packages from predefined designs controlling the overall floorplan aesthetic and generating additional revenue for the organiser by offering sponsorship packages.

Exhibitors have there own branding and video content embedded within each stand creating a trackable data rich immersive 3D VR experience for visitors, click on the image below to navigate the virtual conference for yourself:

V Tradeshow

  • Event takes place within a tailored bespoke virtual environment and can incorporate branded spaces, such as lobbies, exhibition halls, auditoriums, live seminars.

  • The platform works without any downloads or plug-ins and will display on any device (mobile, tablet or desktop)

  • Intuitive to use and allows delegates to easily navigate their way around and start interacting with exhibitors.

  • Delegates can network through live interactive tools such as video, audio and text based chats.

  • Auditoriums can display on demand content as well as live streaming, keynote presentations, talks, webinars and Q&A’s to further inform, educate and engage your delegates.

  • Exhibition hall simulates a live exhibitor floorplan. Virtual tradeshow stands for each participating exhibitor or sponsor can be custom setup complete with branding, videos, documents, links and their own avatars where all their products and services are displayed. Delegates can then enquire further using our many other interactive features such as video, audio and text based chat and pre booked meetings

  • Assigned project manager assigned for the entirety of the project providing support and training.

V Tradeshow stand packages

A tiered system of tradeshow stands and sponsorship packages are available creating additional revenue for the organiser and different engagement points producing trackable data rich immersive 3D VR experiences for visitors:

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 22.48.15.png
Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 23.06.19.png

V Tradeshow stand

Alternatively, our singular V tradeshow stand solution allows visitors to navigate through a virtual 360º representation of your stand environment. The stand is embedded on a website where visitors can gain all the information of a normal exhibition stand remotely.To view and find out more click here.

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