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The events industry is seeing decades of progress in a space of months which will lead to a more sustainable, more creative landscape in which corporate events exist. 

Brands are now looking to develop virtual experiences that feel unique and prevent the ‘drift’ factor common with people now always on their laptops.

Immersion and a true sense of participation through strategically designed customer journeys will ensure that investment in these new virtual platforms leads to high levels of engagement and ultimately pipeline. 

Our platform transforms existing or new tradeshow stand designs into data-rich immersive 3D VR experiences, click on the image below to experience a deeper level of engagement through immersion:


V Tradeshow stand

Our V tradeshow stand solution allows visitors to navigate through a virtual 360º representation of your stand environment. The stand is embedded on a website where visitors can gain all the information of a normal exhibition stand remotely. PDF’s can be downloaded, live demonstrations and videos can be viewed as well as the benefit of optional add ons such as live chats and pre booked meetings.


VX Tradeshow stand

For more fully immersive 3D experience, VX tradeshow stand allows us to create a totally bespoke delegate experience. live chat, interactive content and video calling are just some of the features we can add to your virtual stand. 

Interaction and ROI:

  • Present innovative solutions and products via video content or live webinars.

  • Incorporate info points where visitors can request information or download PDF’s.

Option to have the following add-ons:

  • Statistics packages that allow you to access all of the traffic data that is relevant to your exhibition stand including geolocation, active visitors and Content popularity.

  • Pre booked meetings

  • Text based chats

V Tradeshow (multiple stand packages)

Bringing partners together to connect, collaborate and learn is vital when growing business communities. Creating this ecosystem that places your brand and event at the heart of it maximises engagement and brand positioning. To view and find out more click here.

Turn an introduction into an experience.
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